Smartwater+ Renew Dandelion Lemon, 23.7 Oz. Bottle, 12 Pack ($1.37 / Bottle)

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give yourself a hydrating reset with smartwater+ renew. this refreshing water has the pure, crisp taste you love elevated with extracts of dandelion and lemon for a delicious, unique flavor. drink it post-weekend or pre-hot yoga to help provide a moment of renewal when you want to refresh your wellness routine. each drop of smartwater+ renew begins with smartwater, vapor distilled in a process inspired by the clouds—the way water is purified in nature. you won’t find any sugar in this bottle. what you will find are electrolytes added for taste and dandelion and lemon extracts for a spa-like flavor you’ll love. drink smartwater+ to help you keep hydrated and refreshed from head to toe. smartwater+ renew is available in 700ml bottles, the perfect size for when you need that quick moment of refreshment and rehydration. don’t forget to try our complete lineup of smartwater+. smartwater+ clarity with ginseng and green tea extracts provides pure, crisp flavor when you want a refreshing beverage for hydration and a moment of mental refreshment. there’s also smartwater+ tranquility with ashwagandha and tangerine extracts, providing refreshing flavor when you need to hydrate and take a moment to decompress.

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